Weight Management & Soup

Weight Management & Soup

Research suggests that when people eat a low-energy-dense, high-volume food like soup before a meal, they are more likely to eat less at that meal overall.1 At the same calorie levels, low-energy-dense foods provide a greater volume of food compared to high-energy dense foods. This may help people feel full on fewer calories.

At Campbell, we couldn’t agree more with the important role soup can play in helping with weight management.

For those seeking satiety and calorie reduction at the same time, Campbell offers many soups at, or below, 200 calories per serving.

To learn more about the science supporting soup as a weight management tool, and the overall benefits of incorporating low-energy-dense, high-volume foods into a balanced diet, check out: Soup as a Weight Management Strategy.


1. Flood J, Rolls B. Soup preloads in a variety of forms reduce meal energy intake. Appetite. 2007;49:626-634.


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