Resolve To Keep Your Resolutions!

Weight Management & Resolution

Resolution season is here again; a time when we ponder the past and focus on the future.Two common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and get fit, yet, only about 8% of people stick to their goals.1

Make your wellness resolutions a reality this year by setting positive, clear, and concise goals. Take a holistic approach to wellness by focusing on body, mind, and spirit. The examples below focus on food, diet and fitness, but they can be modified to fit your individual needs.

Body: Two elements of wellness that we control are what we eat and how we exercise. Try choosing one goal related to food and one related to physical activity.

  • Food Examples: Focus on adding nutritious foods to your diet. For example, swap 100 empty calories (for example a regular soda or a handful of candy) for a nutrient dense food or beverage (for example an 8 oz. glass of V8® 100% Vegetable juice with 1 slice of a Pepperidge Farm® 100% Whole Wheat Light Style Bread topped with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter.
  • Fitness Examples: Exercise that is enjoyable is easier to maintain. Even a small increase in activity can improve health. This means different things to different people. Do you like to dance? Sign up for a local class with a partner. Are you more the sports type? Set a weekly date to play tennis or racquetball. Being active with a friend can help you stick to your regimen. Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

Mind: Never stop learning and trying new things! Use the New Year as an opportunity to challenge yourself to expand your food and nutrition knowledge. There is a wealth of information related to food, nutrition and exercise. With technology today, it has never been easier to stay up to date on food trends and nutrition research.

  • Expand Your Knowledge Examples: Why not order a subscription to a magazine? Check out the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics publication Food & Nutrition magazine. Interested in more recipes? Try these recipes to add variety into your weekly menu.

Spirit: It always feels good to feed my family healthful, balanced meals. Try to offer your family MORE vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean sources of protein every day. Think about each eating event as an opportunity to fuel your body with delicious, healthful nutrients. You can even look outside your home for ways to help to nourish the lives of others.

  • Spirit of Giving Example: Each week you shop, pick up two non-perishable food items to donate to a local church group or food bank. If you only shop once a month, choose between eight and 10 items, over the course of a year you will have donated about 100 items to help feed the hungry.

This year, take a holistic approach to your New Year’s resolutions by focusing on more than just diet and exercise. Consider all aspects of wellness; body, mind and spirit. Nurture yourself and those around you for the best year yet!


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