Calorie Balance and Physical Fitness

Weight Management through Fitness and Nutrition

The key to weight management is energy balance, and “energy” is just another word for “calories.” To maintain a healthy weight, calories consumed from food and beverages should match the calories we burn through physical fitness.

Did you know that eating just 150 calories more a day than you burn can lead to an extra 5 pounds over 6 months? That’s a gain of 10 pounds a year. If you don't want this weight gain to happen or if you want to lose extra weight, you can either reduce your ENERGY IN or increase your ENERGY OUT. Doing both is the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Here are some ways to cut 150 calories (ENERGY IN):

  • Drink water instead of a 12-ounce regular soda
  • Order a small serving of French fries instead of a medium
  • Eat an egg-white omelet (with three eggs), instead of whole eggs
  • Eat half a bagel instead of the whole one

Here are some ways to burn 150 calories (ENERGY OUT) in just 30 minutes (for a 150- pound person):

  • Shoot hoops
  • Walk 2 miles
  • Do yard work (gardening, raking leaves, etc.)
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Dance with your family or friends

To learn more about calorie balance and physical fitness, visit Balance Food and Activity.


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