At Campbell, we know there’s no “magic bullet” for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Research supports eating foods like soup and vegetables, which can be high in water and fiber, helping you feel fuller on fewer calories. Learn more about weight management below.

Research suggests that when people eat a low-energy-dense, high-volume food like soup before a meal, they are more likely to eat less at that meal overall.

Vegetable consumption is also helpful for those trying to manage their weight.

To maintain your weight, you must balance calories consumed with calories burned. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans note, “Eating an appropriate mix of foods from the food groups and subgroups—within an appropriate calorie level—is important to promote health.”

Eating just 150 calories more a day than you burn can lead to an extra 5 pounds over 6 months.

Simple steps like planning ahead, portion control and keeping a food diary are all strategies for successful weight management!

Make this year, not only different, but better. Focus on three aspects of wellness – body, mind and spirit. Learn how to set goals that are sure to improve your quality of life and those around you, too!

Using healthy foods, these delicious healthy eating plans show how easy it is to enjoy your favorite Campbell products.


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