Rethink Soup

Rethink Soup

Shopping for this week’s menu, but growing bored of the same routine? Then mix it up with a bowl of Campbell’s® Condensed soup! If you think this sounds ordinary, then think again. We put a twist on some of our favorite varieties, reconstituting them with some great-tasting beverages instead of water or milk. Of course, our soups are delicious with the classic preparation—but it’s always fun to customize.

Looking for a spicy kick?

Simply mix one can of Campbell’s® Condensed Tomato soup with the equivalent amount of V8® Low Sodium Spicy Hot 100% Vegetable juice—your taste buds will be jumping.

Want a creamier tomato soup?

Try adding low-fat kefir (a probiotic dairy beverage) to our classic Campbell’s® Condensed Tomato soup. You’ll be amazed by this medley—not just the texture and flavor, but the boost in protein and calcium from the kefir.

What about a kid-friendly combo?

Mix Bolthouse Farms® 100% Carrot juice to one can of Campbell’s® Condensed Chicken Alphabet soup. Kids will love the subtle sweetness of carrot juice, and you’ll love that it delivers a full serving of vegetables and an excellent source of vitamin A for a 1-cup serving.

Each combo provides a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, and one or more servings of vegetables for a 1-cup serving. All are low in fat and range from 85 to 185 calories, making these unique combinations a sensible addition to your next meal. Whether you want to spice up your soup, get more veggies, or try a new taste sensation—get creative with one of our nutritious combinations!

Download more fun and tasty combinations here:


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