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Welcome to your one-stop shop for our product nutrition and ingredient information, eating plans, nutrition-related hot topics, research, client education and more!

We are proud of the food we make, but know you may have questions about the ingredients we use. Here we try to answer them!

Monitoring and understanding trends is an important part of the research our chefs and bakers do at the Campbell's Culinary and Baking Institute. Explore our findings that include marine greens, condiment craze and so much more!

Search for products by selecting criteria based on your specific nutrition and dietary needs, food components and Campbell brands.

Check out our 7-day menu plans available in different calorie and sodium levels to meet your clients’ needs! These realistic, delicious, and printable plans meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Research suggests that when people eat a low-energy-dense, high-volume food like soup before a meal, they are more likely to eat less at that meal overall.

Explore nutrition articles written by our internal experts and guest authors. Use this information on heart health, weight management, increasing vegetable intake and MORE for your own client communications.

Some individuals, including those with Celiac disease, cannot tolerate gluten in products. See a complete list of Campbell Soup Company's gluten free products.

Everyone is on a budget! Check out coupons to help you save on your favorite Campbell brands.

Put a twist on the original and get more from your favorite Campbell’s® Condensed soups. Instead of adding a can of water or milk to reconstitute your soup, check out some unique combinations to add more veggies, spice it up, or just mix it up.


Our nutrition scientists are here to provide information, so you can live a balanced lifestyle of health & wellness.

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